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Passionate about automation

To say that we are passionate about what we do, is an understatement. We all love our job and we all want to make our very own contribution to our customers’ success. This is hardly surprising if you know that the driving force behind F.A.I.S. is the personal entrepreneurship of its founders. 

This attitude reflects on all the members of our team. We create systems and solutions to address specific industrial automation issues: logistics, process, environment and … specials. We mainly focus on electrical engineering, electronics, software, controls engineering and mechanical concepts. Through our professional partnerships with others in complementary sectors, we can also offer you mechanical engineering solutions. We create, design, build, install and commission.

Passion goes hand in hand with commitment. We are committed to providing excellent after sales service. You may believe us when we say that we are accomplished technicians. What we want to prove to you, however, is that we are also the ideal partner for your automation needs. 

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Working together – that’s what we do

Any automation project stands or falls with the people behind it: people who are each experts in their own field and who complement each other. Communication is crucial in multidisciplinary projects of a certain size. At F.A.I.S., we thoroughly understand the importance of communication.

We bring passion, enthusiasm, creativity and knowhow to your project, but there is more. We define structures and methods, a framework that allows all parties to work together smoothly and professionally. In our opinion, this is the only way to achieve success when implementing complex automation projects. Technicians are not hard to find, but technicians with excellent communication skills are a rare breed indeed. Such is our recipe. A recipe that we apply every day and that is highly valued by our customers.

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Added value solutions

We love a challenge. Complex issues tickle our curiosity. Are we really different from anybody else? We use the same tools and techniques, but at the same time, we draw strength from our absolute conviction that quality trumps quantity. That is what makes us stand out. Don’t take our word for it, just ask our customers!

There are high fives all round when we successfully complete a project. But not before that, because we know that the tide may turn, especially when dealing with automation projects. The customer can only be happy when the journey has come to an end, and the destination is reached. We do not rest on our laurels until the project has been commissioned, the system is ready for use, the technical files have been delivered, the last screw has been tightened and all teething troubles have been eliminated. Something tells us that you feel exactly the same way.

The result is what counts

The capabilities of a business are not directly proportional to its size, often the opposite is true. Our team is small in size, but large in our capacity to solve problems. Which is exactly why our customers so often call us to the rescue. Even if some interventions on third-party systems put our problem-solving skills to the test, they also allow us to create a strong bond with our customers. The kind of bond we would like to build with you.

Shine in their simplicity. That is what we want our solutions to do. Functional requirements must obviously be met, but above all, we want our systems to be reliable and to work for you in a sustained manner. That is what we mean by added value solutions. Technically complex, but without technical complications. Use simple intelligence. Come talk to us and you will see what we mean.

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